Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Cell, 85W, Anti-PID

Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Cell, 85W, Anti-PID

Key Specifications / Features

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Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Cell Manufacturer Supplies Anti-PID polysilicon Solar Cells, Efficiency: 14.6%, 12.63%, 85W, 36 Cells, 1000 x 673 x 35 mm.

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Detail Information

Product: Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Cell.
Power: 85W.
Cell efficiency: 14.6%.
Module efficiency: 12.63%.
Size of module(mm): 1000 mm x 673 mm x 35 mm.
Frame: Aluminum.
Number of cell: 36pcs.
Size of cell: 156 mm x 104 mm.

Other features
Antireflective glass
Anti-aging EVA, excellent weathering resistance TPT
Withstanding high wind-pressure, snow loads and extreme temperatures
High and stable conversion efficiency


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