Polycrystalline Solar Cell, 10W, Aluminum Frame

Polycrystalline Solar Cell, 10W, Aluminum Frame

Key Specifications / Features

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Polycrystalline Solar Cell Factory Provides Mini Polycrystalline Solar Cells, 10W, Anodized Aluminum Frame, EVA, TPT and Tempered Glass, Withstanding High Wind Pressure.

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Detail Information

Product: Polycrystalline Solar Cell.
Maximum Power: 10W.
Module Frame: Aluminum Frame.  

·High efficiency solar cells
·EVA, TPT and tempered glass
·A long service life and the most stringent safety requirements for high-voltage operation
·Anodized aluminum frame with convenient mounting slots
·Withstanding high wind pressure and snow load
·Outstanding low-light performance
·Good appearance
·Easy installation


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